Miami Buyers Rebate
1% commission rebate for miami home buyers  2% commission rebate for Miami real estate buyers 

Miami Buyers Rebate

Welcome to my website. I offer commission rebate for Miami residential real estate buyers.

If you use my services to represent you on the purchase of any residential real estate property in Miami or South Florida I offer you a 1% commission rebate at closing. Find your next home online and call me to see it.

I offer a 2% commission rebate at closing, for buyers when they use my services to buy any property listed by me in Miami or south Florida.

You will get the commission rebate at closing to help you pay for your closing costs, saving you thousands of dollars in your real estate transaction.

 As your full-service buyer's representative, I can:

  • Narrow your home search to the most attractive options to meet your buying criteria
  • Show you homes that may meet your needs, while helping you evaluate these properties
  • Aid in determining the right offer price
  • Help you structure your offer to purchase, by formulating the proper terms and conditions
  • Assist in both contract and repair negotiations
  • Provide you with substantial 1.5% commission rebate at closing (we'll rebate up to 50% of our commission to you)
  • Aid in the many details of moving your transaction from signed offer to closing

Lower Commission for Sellers 

Most companies will charge you 6% commission to sell your home. They keep 3% and they pay the other real estate agent who brings the buyer 3%.

We are not a discount Broker, we offer the same services as these companies at a lower price because we work on volume. We charge only 4.5% commission to sell your home. We still pay the other real estate agent who brings the buyer hers/his 3% commission, the difference is that we are happy making just 1.5% commission per sale because we make it up in volume.

Additionally, included in my listing service are high quality HDR real estate photographs to market your home with it's best image.

Call me today to list your property for sale and to start with my marketing plan specially designed to sell your home at the highest possible price in the shortest period of time.

Let me thank you in advance for choosing me as your selling agent, call me today...